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Decor in the Front Yard Large Azalea Top Bed - Big


Three Gnomes climbing

Small Garden Signs

Cat Crossing

Welcome Signs

Cat Welcome

Bike Planters

Small metal Trike

Big Foot

Right Foot, BIG FOOT

Hanging Basket

Spider Plant Basket.

Three baskets on a decorative stand up hanger.

Medium Container

Entry into the Walkway.

Four corners of the Walkway.

BIG FOOT container

Rectangular Planter

Boarders the Walkway, 5 Impatiens per container.

Small Container

Small container in the Trike


3 hanging baskets Stand.


Owl in Tree

Garden Flag Stands

This Garden Flag is located as you come up the driveway and always gets a Welcome one.

Toad House

Toads live here