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Hardscape Front Entrace

Beds This Hardscape Is In

Originally there was only a small stone retaining wall on one side. Our mason, John Coapman, built the entrance to our home/gardens from sketches I made. It is mirror image on each side of the driveway. Has to fill in one side with dirt to make them appear as a retaining wall. The stone wall has two stone columns, one higher and one lower. Container plants are on top of these columns and are changes according to the season. There is a planter box area between the two columns. Those plant are changed also. Above the address side is the Compass Bed along with Knock out Roses and Ann’s Berry Patch. Above the mail box side is the Chess Bed. Between the Chess Bed and stone wall is the ‘Sunny’ side Conifer Garden area.


Month: Comments:
April Pressure wash stone wall. [along with driveway]
May Wall -Treat with ‘Wet & Forget’