Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii'

Common Name Burford Holly
Type: Evergreen
Bloom Time: April to May
Comments I originally had these Hollys in front of the porch in 1983. Then the minus 24 came!! I planted the Needlepoint Holly theres instead because they would take a colder Winter. I tried to save the Burfords but they didn't hardly grow, then after 15 years they started to sprout up. I planted them around my garbage fence and they are great!
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Plant Maintenance:

Month Fertilizer
February HollyTone
May HollyTone
October HollyTone

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Hemlock Forest N/A 3
Lower Greenhouse Area N/A 3
Hemlock Forest Top of Driveway Bed 3
Total 9