Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Wizard Coral Sunrise'

Common Name Coleus Wizard Coral Sunrise
Type: Greenhouse Annual
Bloom Time: Non-Flowering
Comments The color is in the leaves. Prune flower heads, ie don't let Coleus bloom.
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Plant Maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Month Maintenance
January GH sow seeds in early February, 72 cell tray, with dome. Remove dome as seedlings grow.
March Pot up to 36 cell tray in Mid March, separate like kind coleus. Change tray with holes.
May Plant early May
December But seeds - Mix Wixard; Parks Seeds
Month Fertilizer
March Fert 1/3 strength in GH - March, Green Light
May Miracle Grow
Month Pruning
July Prune flower heads during summer

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Street Bed Area N/A 36
Upper Greenhouse Area N/A 16
Conifer Garden Sitting Area 4
Total 56