Narcissus x 'Cornidh King'

Common Name Cornish King Daffodil
Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: March
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Plant Maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Month Maintenance
June Remove dead leaves after die back
Month Fertilizer
April Bone Meal after blooming

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantiy (sq ft)
Front Yard Large Azalea Bottom Bed N/A 20
Horse Shoe Bed N/A 3
Top of Bank Area Pinky-Winky Bed 20
Top of Bank Area Hydrangea-Rose Bed 20
Total 63

More Images:

Top of Bank - Pinky Winky Bed

Pinky Winky Bed

Around a Tree in the Front Yard Large Azalea Bed Bottom

Top of Bank - Hydrangea Rose Bed