Pelargonium x 'White'

Common Name Geranium White
Type: Greenhouse Annual
Bloom Time: May to September
Comments I propogate by cuttings in September, save some of the mature plants in the GH. Use misting system until new roots come in, put up and water as normal. Repeat the process in January with the new plants and cuttings from the mature 'saved' plants.
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Plant Maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Month Maintenance
January Misting
February Misting
March Pot up to grow soil, turn off misting, Keep in Lower GreenHouse.
May Place in beds early May
September Take cuttings in September before the 1st frost.
October Misting
November POt up to grow soil, turn off misting, Keep in Lower GreenHouse.
Month Fertilizer
January Fert 1/3 strength in GH - January, Greem Light
February Fert with slow release fertilizer, Osmocote.
March Fert 1/3 strength in GH - earlt March, Greem Light
April Fert with slow rellease fertilizer, Osmocote.
October Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -late October, Green Light
Month Pruning
January After plant is about 12" high, I take another cutting.

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Compass Bed Bank 16
Total 16

More Images:

Compass Bed, Bank Area