Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum'

Common Name Spider Plant
Type: Evergreen
Bloom Time: Non-Flowering
Comments Does put out a long stem with a 'spider' type flower & roots at its end [pup]. I cut those and propagate them. Use them in hanging Baskets. Over Winter in Greenhouse.
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Plant Maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Month Maintenance
April Bring out after last cold spell.
October Bring in before first, over-winter in GreenHouse
Month Fertilizer
May Miracle Grow during summer
July Miracle Grow during summer
Month Pruning
June Prue off 'pups' and propagate

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Front Yard Large Azalea Top Bed - Small N/A 3
Front Yard Large Azalea Top Bed - Big N/A 3
Upper Greenhouse Area N/A 6
Upper Greenhouse Area Patio Area 8
Total 20

More Images:

Front Yard Big Azalea Bed

Patio Area

Patio Area

Hanging from tree next to Upper Greenhouse.