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Maintenance Products


Miracle Grow

Use on my annuals and non evergreen or conifer plants. Can buy at Wax-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot.

Miracle Grow, Bloom Buster

Use on my annuals [GreenHouse] plants to get them to bloom better due to the shade I have. Can buy at Walkway-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot.

Rose Tone

Use on Knock Out Roses once a month [1st] during summer. Can get it at Lowes or Home Depot.

Jobs Organics Rose Knock Out Fertilizer

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I use this fertilizer when I plant new plants, or transplant them. The granules enhance soil conditions, stimulate plant growth and increase resistance to disease, insects and drought. Contains Jobe's BIOZOME - a combination of Jobe's Exclusive Archaea, bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi and which breaks down organic matter quicker allowing the plant to take up nutrients faster.

Ferti-lome Root Stimulator

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I use this on ALL my new plantings or transplanting. It has hormone type root stimulator & fertilizer. I will use it about half the recommended strength and then apply it again in 3-4 weeks. I use it on my GreenHouse seedling plants once their roots are developed at 15% -20% strenght.


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Use this product every time I plant or transplant any plants. Mix it in with the Fertilizer-lome Root Stimulator.

GreenHouse Supplies

Sungro Professional Growing Mix

Buy at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse. I use this medium when I pot up from the seeds or cutting phase. I mix it with Pro-Mix BX + and perlite. Theres perlite already in both mixes but I add some more.[6-3-1 mix]

Pro Mix BX

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This product is a growing mix that has BOTH Biofungicide and Mycorrihizae [root enhancement]. I use this medium for both the seed & cuttings and the next pot up phase. About 30% mix. [Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse stopped carrying this product]


I mix perlite in with my growing medium even though there is already some perlite in it. Thus I add more, about 10%. I use it in BOTH the initial seed & cutting mix and the next pot up phase. I buy it at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse.

Bird Feed

Bark Butter Bits

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Mix this with the peanut pieces for the Peanut Squirrel Proof Feeders.

Peanut Pieces

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Use this with the Bark Butter Bits in the Peanut Squirrel Proof Feeder.

Whole Peanuts in the Shell.

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Used in the Whole Peanut Feeder.

TreeNutty Plus Blend

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Use this in the Tray Feeders

Hummingbird Nectar

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Hummingbird Feeders.

Fruit Cake/Suit

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Use in the Hopper with Suit Feeder.

Woodpecker Cylinder

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Use in the Cylinder Feeders.

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

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Nearly ALL birds love this seed. Can buy at Wal-Mart or any Bird Store.

Woodpecker Cake/Suit

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Use in the Hopper with Suit Feeder.

Cranberry Cylinder

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Use in the Cylinder Feeders.

Bark Butter Plugs

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Use this in the Plug Feeders. Birds love it!

Weed Killers

Single flower test tube holder

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I use this flower test tube for selective weed killing in areas I can not spray. Poison ivy and honeysuckle in my ground cover beds. I prune the weed at a node, place it into the test tube filled with roundup and it kills that plant only. I try to place more than one weed stem in each test tube that I can. I mark the spot with a flag so I can find it in a couple of days. Use gloves.

Insecticides & more

Vol Poison

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Use this rat bait in my Vol traps. I have 13 on them throughout the yard. JT Eaton 709-PN Peanut Butter Flavor Bait Blocks. Can also get Apple Flavor.

Rose & Flower Care, Bayer

Use on Knock Out Roses during the summer. Kills the Japanese Beatles!

Agri-Fos Fungicide

Use for Downy Mildew on the impatiens. one application every two weeks. 1 oz per gal. Amazon

Bayer Tree & Shrub Insect & Feed; with Merit

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Hemlock Wooly Adelgid treatment. Buy at Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon. Can apply once every 3-5 years.


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This Castor Oil granular pellets 'chase' the moles from my yard. They Go to my neighbors yard, ok for me. I apply it when I start seeing the mole tunnels. Just sprinkle it over the grass and affected area. After a couple of months it does leach out and if the tunnels come back, I re-apply.

Plant Id Supplies

Brother PT-D600 Printer

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Can but directly from Brothers. Kincaid Plant Markers sells this model. I use this printer, but it is the model that connects to the computer.

Black on Clear Tape; Brothers

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Can also buy from Brothers. Kincaid Plant Markers sells this product.

Stainless Steel Plant Markers

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P-Style - Signature Series, 8", 100% stainless Steel.

Goof Off

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When I have to 'recycle' a label [miss spell, dead plant] I boil the SS plates [I keep the stakes attached] for 15 minutes, and with a box cutter razor blade I start at one corner to peel back the label tape from the plate, working my way up the width of the label, then I peel the label off. The label consists of two layers, must get under both layers. After the label is peeled off I used Goof Off to removes the adhesives & glue remaining. The plate is shining and like new. Buy at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart.


Deer Out

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Product REALLY works!! I apply 1st of every month on the Azaleas starting in December through March. The deer will come and take a bite, stick their tongue out, and go to my neighbors yard/azaleas. It is bio friendly, eco friendly, just taste bad. Also, can buy at Amazon.

Soil Perfector

This is product consist of small sharp stone like pellets. I use them when I plant Hostas. I put it in the dirt around the roots. This it to keep the VOLs from eating the roots. [number 1 enemy!] I buy this at Willow Ridge Garden Store. NOTE: The 'books' say to use 'Granny Grit' , could never find it.