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Maintenance Products


Miracle Grow

Use on my annuals and non evergreen or conifer plants. Can buy at Wax-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot.

Miracle Grow, Bloom Buster

Use on my annuals [GreenHouse] plants to get them to bloom better due to the shade I have. Can buy at Walkway-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot.

Rose Tone

Use on Knock Out Roses once a month [1st] during summer. Can get it at Lowes or Home Depot.

Jobs Organics Rose Knock Out Fertilizer

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I use this fertilizer when I plant new plants, or transplant them. The granules enhance soil conditions, stimulate plant growth and increase resistance to disease, insects and drought. Contains Jobe's BIOZOME - a combination of Jobe's Exclusive Archaea, bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi and which breaks down organic matter quicker allowing the plant to take up nutrients faster.

Ferti-lome Root Stimulator

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I use this on ALL my new plantings or transplanting. It has hormone type root stimulator & fertilizer. I will use it about half the recommended strength and then apply it again in 3-4 weeks. I use it on my GreenHouse seedling plants once their roots are developed at 15% -20% strenght.


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Use this product every time I plant or transplant any plants. Mix it in with the Fertilizer-lome Root Stimulator.

Lime Pelletized, 40 lb

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Use 500 lbs twice a Year on the grass area.

Osmocote; 4 month release fertilizer.

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Use this fertilizer on many of my plants, geraniums in the Greenhouse, perennials and Annuals. Can get this product most places; Lowes, Hope Depot, Was-Mart

GreenHouse Supplies

Sungro Professional Growing Mix

Buy at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse. I use this medium when I pot up from the seeds or cutting phase. I mix it with Pro-Mix BX + and perlite. Theres perlite already in both mixes but I add some more.[6-3-1 mix]

Pro Mix Biofungicode + Mycorrhize

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I use this potting mix for seeds and cuttings. I mix it with the fine germination mix, Sungro Professional Growing Mix, and perlite. Theres already perlite in both mixes but I add some more. [6-3-1 mix] Knoxville Greenhouse and Seed top carving this version of Pro Mix. Amazon also carries it. I call the Greenhouse Megastore and they reduce the shipping charge for me.

Krume Perlite

I mix perlite in with my growing medium even though there is already some perlite in it. Thus I add more, about 10%. I use it in BOTH the initial seed & cutting mix and the next pot up phase. I buy it at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse.

Sungro Propagation Mix

I use this potting mix for seeds and cuttings. I mix it with the Pro Mix BX ++, and perlite. Theres already perlite in both mixes but I add some more. [6-3-1 mix] This is a VERY fine propagation medium, good for the small seeds I use. I buy it at Knoxville Greenhouse & Seed.

Impatiens Seeds

I buy from Park Seeds. Can get them almost any garden store.

Propane Burner

Burner I buy at Lowes or Home Depot or Was-Mart. The propane tanks the same; refill at U-Haul. Use this to keep the green House above 32 degrees. This is needed when the outside temperature goes below 20 degrees, the electric space heaters just do the trick then.

Plastic Trays, 1020 , NO holes

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I get these at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse. Can also get it on Amazon or Greenhouse Mega Store. I use the trays with NO hole in the beginning to hold water which I fill from the bottom and it last a longer time. [when I was working 10 hours/day I needed this method]. Have to be careful that the roots don't become 'water roots'. Thus I change to trays with holes after 4-5 weeks from seeding.

Plastic Trays, 1020, WITH holes

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I get these at Knoxville Seed & Greenhouse. Can also get it on Amazon or Greenhouse Mega Store. I use the trays with hole after 4-5 weeks. Change from the trays with no holes. Thus, I don't get 'water roots'.

11 x 22, Clear Plastic Dome, Fits 1020 Trays

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Can get this also from Amazon or other Green House stores. I use these clear tray domes from the beginning of the seeds until they they out grow them, I 'crack' them up after the seedlings are growing and prop them up as they continue to grow, then remove the domes the the plants are big enough.

72 cell seed tray, fits the 1020 trays,

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Can also but these at Amazon and other Green House Stores. I start my seeds in these 72 cell trays. Depending on the seeds/plant I keep them in these trays for 6-8 weeks. Then I pot up the plants to the 36 cell trays [ie 6-six packs] Note: I have kept Impatiens in the 72 cell trays until outdoor planting, 14 weeks.

Seedling Heat Mat [Propagation Mat]

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Use these Heat Mats to heat the seedling trays to the correct temperature for germination. Can get these on Amazon also. Have Heat Mats for ALL three levels in the Upper & Lower Greenhouse.

Heat Mat Thermostat.

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I use one thermostat to run one 6 plug power strip; thus 6 heat mats are running off one thermostat. [saves a lot of money] Can get these on Amazon also.

6 Plug Power Strip

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I plug 6 Heat Mats into one power strip. Can get these anywhere; Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot

Plastic Sheeting

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I am sure Lowes carries this too. I use it as my bottom layer on each shelve in the Greenhouse. The Heat Pads are next, the trays are on top. This way there is no water draining onto the next layer of shelving where I have another set of Grow Lights attached to the bottom side of the top shelve.

Jumbo Craft Sticks

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I use these to 'crack' the clear domes over the seedling trays to allow more air as the plants grow. [see pics in the Lower GreenHouse]

White Plastic Label Markers

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Label markers are used to ID the seedling trays. I recycle as many as I can.

Garden Marker

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These markers DO NOT wash away like Sharpie pens do. They are waterproof and will LAST !! I label the seedling trays and other plants until I make the periment Label.

3'x2' Shelving, 6' High, 5 Shelves.

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I use the Home Depot white shelves, Lowes has them in Black. See pics in the Greenhouses. I use only 3 shelves high [use the remaining 2 shelves for the next shelf.] Thus, I have 3 shelves instead of one, three times the seed tray area without expanding the Greenhouse foot print.

Black Form Trays; holds [15] 4.5 Square Pots

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Use this Trays to hold my 4.5 Square Pots.

4.5 Square Pots

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Use these pots for my New Guinea plugs that I get in late February. This way i don't have to 'pot up' the New Guineas, stay in these pots until time to plant outside.

Bird Feed

Bark Butter Bits

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Mix this with the peanut pieces for the Peanut Squirrel Proof Feeders.

Peanut Pieces

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Use this with the Bark Butter Bits in the Peanut Squirrel Proof Feeder.

Whole Peanuts in the Shell.

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Used in the Whole Peanut Feeder.

TreeNutty Plus Blend

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Use this in the Tray Feeders

Hummingbird Nectar

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Hummingbird Feeders.

Fruit Cake/Suit

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Use in the Hopper with Suit Feeder.

Woodpecker Cylinder

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Use in the Cylinder Feeders.

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

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Nearly ALL birds love this seed. Can buy at Wal-Mart or any Bird Store.

Woodpecker Cake/Suit

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Use in the Hopper with Suit Feeder.

Cranberry Cylinder

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Use in the Cylinder Feeders.

Bark Butter Plugs

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Use this in the Plug Feeders. Birds love it!

No Mess Blend Bird Feed

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All birds like this food. I use it in the Tube feeder with the cage around it so that only small birds can get in and feed.

Weed Killers

Single flower test tube holder

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I use this flower test tube for selective weed killing in areas I can not spray. Poison ivy and honeysuckle in my ground cover beds. I prune the weed at a node, place it into the test tube filled with roundup and it kills that plant only. I try to place more than one weed stem in each test tube that I can. I mark the spot with a flag so I can find it in a couple of days. Use gloves.

SpeedZone Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf

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I but his Weed Killer at Step One. Pricey, but works well. I use it on ALL my weeds, in the grass or beds.

Insecticides & more

Vol Poison

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Use this rat bait in my Vol traps. I have 13 on them throughout the yard. JT Eaton 709-PN Peanut Butter Flavor Bait Blocks. Can also get Apple Flavor.

Rose & Flower Care, Bayer

Use on Knock Out Roses during the summer. Kills the Japanese Beatles!

Agri-Fos Fungicide

Use for Downy Mildew on the impatiens. one application every two weeks. 1 oz per gal. Amazon

Bayer Tree & Shrub Insect & Feed; with Merit

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Hemlock Wooly Adelgid treatment. Buy at Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon. Can apply once every 3-5 years.


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This Castor Oil granular pellets 'chase' the moles from my yard. They Go to my neighbors yard, ok for me. I apply it when I start seeing the mole tunnels. Just sprinkle it over the grass and affected area. After a couple of months it does leach out and if the tunnels come back, I re-apply.

Plant Id Supplies

Brother PT-D600 Printer

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Can but directly from Brothers. Kincaid Plant Markers sells this model. I use this printer, but it is the model that connects to the computer.

Black on Clear Tape; Brothers

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Can also buy from Brothers. Kincaid Plant Markers sells this product.

Stainless Steel Plant Markers

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P-Style - Signature Series, 8", 100% stainless Steel.

Goof Off

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When I have to 'recycle' a label [miss spell, dead plant] I boil the SS plates [I keep the stakes attached] for 15 minutes, and with a box cutter razor blade I start at one corner to peel back the label tape from the plate, working my way up the width of the label, then I peel the label off. The label consists of two layers, must get under both layers. After the label is peeled off I used Goof Off to removes the adhesives & glue remaining. The plate is shining and like new. Buy at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart.


Deer Out

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Product REALLY works!! I apply 1st of every month on the Azaleas starting in December through March. The deer will come and take a bite, stick their tongue out, and go to my neighbors yard/azaleas. It is bio friendly, eco friendly, just taste bad. Also, can buy at Amazon.

Soil Perfector

This is product consist of small sharp stone like pellets. I use them when I plant Hostas. I put it in the dirt around the roots. This it to keep the VOLs from eating the roots. [number 1 enemy!] I buy this at Willow Ridge Garden Store. NOTE: The 'books' say to use 'Granny Grit' , could never find it.

Nature's Helper

One of the organic soil conditioners I use when I plant shrubs, trees, etc into the ground. I mis this in with the original soil. [my 'forest' soil is good by its self] I get this at Knoxville Greenhouse & Seed.

Nature's Choice, Premium Soil Conditioner

One of the organic soil conditioners I use when I plant shrubs, trees, etc into the ground. I mis this in with the original soil. [my 'forest' soil is good by its self] I get this at Willow Ridge Nursery.