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Decor in the Grandma's Quilt Patch Garden


See, Hear, Speak no evil

Sleepy Gnome


Ikki Troll under the bridge

Oaf troll under the Bridge

Sign troll under the Bridge

Small Garden Signs

GrandMa's Garden sign.


Welcome Signs

Welcome to GrandMa's Garden

Tree Faces

Guarding GrandMa's Gaarden entrance.

Over looking the Quilt Patch

Bike Planters

Bike Planter at the end of the Bicycle Path

Chair-Cart Planters

Medium metal bench planter

Small metal wheel antique white barrow container

Small metal golden Chair container.


Dragon Fly metal wind vane

Large Container

Two large containers as you enter GrandMa's Quilt Patch Garden from the front yard over the bridge.

Small Container

Cat small container

Small turtle container

Two saddle bags containers.

Small container, Maiden Hair Fern.

Small container, orange Coleus & impatiens.

Small golden metal Chair container


Got this old Glider on Greig's List. Ann wanted it in her GrandMa Quilt Patch area. Chair got ruin by a large limb falling on it.


Three Tier Planter, Maiden Hair Ferns, GrandMa's Quilt Patch Garden.


Metal Trellis with Garden Arbor with gate at the Entrance to GrandMa Quilt Patch Garden. Climbing Hydrangea from each side.

Garden Flag Stands

This is the Grandkids Garden Flag and is always up in GrandMa's Quilt Patch Garden.