Outdoor Furniture

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Bench Garden Decor Total of 19

Labyrinth (1)

Glider; Drop down table; Overview sitting area

Upper Greenhouse Area (1)

Park Bench; Sitting Area; Between greenhouses

Labyrinth Bubbler Garden Room (1)

Metal, Glider; Sitting Area

Labyrinth (1)

Curved Bench

Cul De Sac (1)

A Sitting bench for walkers at the top of the Col-de-Sac

Winter Bird Sanctuary Garden (1)

Longer Bench then normal. Used when we had the original Deck. Placed in a location that Ann liked between the Conifer Garden and Winter Bird Sanctuary.

Grandma's Quilt Patch Garden (1)

Got this old Glider on Greig's List. Ann wanted it in her GrandMa Quilt Patch area. Chair got ruin by a large limb falling on it.

Think Rock Bed (1)

This 'Hardscape' is used as a bench. Camellias in the background and Lace Leaf Japanese Maple beside you. The soothing water feature makes it a nice spot to rest half way up the Driveway.

Rising Sun Bed (1)

Nestled up next to the seasonal wooden figure close to the Compass Bed.

Japanese Maple Bed (1)

This Bench is down by the Street, neighbors use it to rest during their walks or runs.

Sitting Area – Wooded Art (2)

Two of these Benches are around the Wooded Sculpture.

End of Driveway (1)

One at the top of the Driveway.

Sunroom Area (1)

One in the Back Yard close to the SunRoom Bed & Bird Feeders.

Labyrinth (1)

Metal Glider in the Labyrinth Entrance Sitting Area.

East Side (1)

Mary Claire's Bench in her Garden