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Decor in the Labyrinth Bubbler Garden Room


Family of 4.


Tucked up under a small Holly next to the Wall watering plants.

Got his pot, shovel and small planting container. One Pearl Blue Impatiens

Hammer in one hand & bird on his other hand.

Grandkids Sign

Nursel Ann's Garden Sign.

Garden Signs

Labyrinth/Bubbler Garden Sign

Welcome Signs

Gomes Welcoming you to the Labyrinth/Bubbler area.


Small metal Bike

Bike Planters

Small Tricycle planter

Chair-Cart Planters

Small long wheel barrow planter. Pearl Blue Impatiens.

Small metal chair with pot on it. Put Pearl Blue Impatiens in it.

Butter Fly

3 stain glass butterflies flying around the 'Flower Pond.'

Bird House

Small copper bird house

Bird Baths

Large Crane Bird Bath

Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket with Pearl Blue impatiens, 1 - sitting area; 2 close to Labyrinth.

Medium Container

Wooded Container along path in Labyrinth/Bubbler walkway

Small Container

Two Small pails with Bird on it. Put Pearl Blue Impatiens in them.

Water Pump with Birds and small pail. Put Pearl Blue Impatiens in it.

Sits on the wall ledge of the Labyrinth/Bubbler Sitting area. Have the Pearl Blue Impatiens.

Small container, Labyrinth/Bubbler Garden, Blue Pearl.


Black Oil Sunflower Seed; Seeds don't come down well. Hand push them.


Tree Nutty plus Blend; Clean out tray often


Metal, Glider; Sitting Area


Rocker; Sitting Area

Small Table

Sitting Area