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Decor in the Winter Bird Sanctuary Garden

Small Garden Signs

Small Garden Sign.

Garden Signs

Winter Bird Sanctuary

Love Birds in the Winter Bird Sanctuary Garden

Tree Faces

Keeping an eye on the Winter Bird Sanctuary.

Bird House

Copper bird house, sometimes there is a nest.

Copper bird house.

Copper tea kettle bird house

Large Container

Large Whiskey Barrel, hard plastic liner, 3 NG Violet Impatiens, 1 NG White Impatiens, 1 Christmas Fern

Medium Container

Medium container along the walkway between Winter Bird Sanctuary & Back Yard Upper Bed.

Small Container

Small Caladium Container, Sitting Area next to Bench


Longer Bench then normal. Used when we had the original Deck. Placed in a location that Ann liked between the Conifer Garden and Winter Bird Sanctuary.