Hydrangea quercifolia

Next to Deck, Full Bloom

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Common Name Oak leaf Hydrangea
Type: Deciduous
Bloom Time: May to June
Comments Blooms on old wood.
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Plant Maintenance:

Month Fertilizer
April Miracle Grow
Month Pruning
January Prune to desired height an inch above a node.

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Camellia Row N/A 5
Sunroom Area N/A 12
Upper Greenhouse Area N/A 42
Hemlock Forest Top of Driveway Bed 6
Grandma's Quilt Patch Garden Oak Leaf Thicket 15
Labyrinth Bubbler Garden Room Perimeter 35
Lower Greenhouse Area End of Driveway 9
Winter Bird Sanctuary Garden Perimeter 10
Total 134

More Images:

GrandMa's Quilt Patch, Oak Leaf Ticket

SunRoom Garden

Upper GreenHouse Garden

Labyrinth/Bubbler Perimeter

Winter Bird Sanctuary, Perimeter

Loer GreenHouse, End of Driveway

Hemlock Forest, Top of Driveway

Hemlock Forest

East of Upper GreenHouse, next to Container Storage Area.

November view