Zinnia elegans 'Magellan Cherry'

Common Name Zinnia Magellan Cherry
Type: Greenhouse Annual
Bloom Time: May to September
Comments Grow from seeds in GreenHouse. 100 seeds per packet, a lot left over, give away.
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Plant Maintenance:

General Maintenance:
Month Maintenance
March GH sow seeds in early March, 72 cell tray, with dome. Remove dome as seedlings grow.
April Pot up to 36 cell tray in early April. Change to tray with holes.
May Place in beds early May
December Buy Seeds – Park Seed
Month Fertilizer
April Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -mid April, Green Light
May Miracle Grow during summer
June Miracle Grow during summer
July Miracle Grow during summer
August Miracle Grow during summer
Month Pruning
July DeadHead: Prune off dead flowers
August DeadHead: Prune off dead flowers
September DeadHead: Prune off dead flowers

Garden Locations:

Bed Sub Bed Quantity
Chess Bed N/A 30
Total 30