Maintenance Checklist for August


Accent Lavender Blue Impatiens Miracle Grow during summer
Basil Fish Fert
Black-eyed Susan Miracle Grow
Blue Water Iris Pond Plant Food
Chameleon Pond Plant Pond Plant Food
Gold Creeping Jenny Pond Plant Pond Plant Food
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Pond Plant Food
Impatiens Super Elfin Red Miracle Grow during Summer
Lantana New Gold Miracle Grow
Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose RoseTone
Purple Pickerelweed Pond Plant Food
Red Stem Lizard's Tail Pond Plant Food
Rosemary Fert. with Fish Fert.
Scarlet Slavia Miracle Grow during summer
Water Forget-Me-Not Pond Plant Food
Zinnia Magellan Cherry Miracle Grow during summer


Basil Prune tops off to stop the plant from flowering.
Crape Myrtle Cherokee Prune root sucker sprouts around base
My Girl Rose Deadhead flowers down to 5 leaves, daliy.
Zinnia Magellan Cherry DeadHead: Prune off dead flowers

Garden Decor

Bird Feeders & Houses Clean as needed (might need more frequency)


Tool Shed General clean-up
Hose Shed General clean-up