Maintenance Checklist for March


Autumn Fern Prune back old after new comes in.
Azalea Encore Autumn Chiffon Deer Out
Coleus Wizard Golden Pot up to 36 cell tray in mid March. Change to tray with holes.
Geranium White Pot up to grow soil, turn off misting, Keep in Lower GreenHouse.
Italian Large Leaf Basil Pot up to 36 cell tray in March. Change to tray with holes.
Let's Dance Rave Hydrangea Mulch
Mondo Grass Plants that have gone outside of area, Dig up & re-locate plants to other areas.
Scarlet Slavia Pot up to 36 cell tray in late March. Change to tray with holes.
Zinnia Magellan Cherry GH sow seeds in early March, 72 cell tray, with dome. Remove dome as seedlings grow.


Carolina Allspice Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Chardonnay Pearls Miracle Grow
Chinese Snowball Viburnum Miracle Grow Bloom Buster
Coleus Wizard Golden Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -March, Green Light
Dwarf Crested Iris More Purple Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Eastern Redbud Tree Miracle Grow - -Bloom Buster
Fothergilla Major Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Gay Blade Holly HollyTone
Geranium White Fert 1/3 strength in GH - earlt March, Greem Light
Italian Large Leaf Basil Fish Oil Fert. in March
Lungwort Miracle Grow
Mock Orange HollyTone
Mountain Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Red Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
My Girl Rose RoseTone
Ninebark miracle Grow
Pansies Yellow Miracle Grow
Peace Lily Plant Miracle Grow
Pearl Glam Beautyberry Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Red Chokeberry Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Scarlet Slavia Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -late March, Green Light
Sea Heart Siberian Bugloss Miracle Grow
Snow Day Blizzard Pearl-bush Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Spice Bush Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Sweet Woodruff Miracle Grow
Variegated Monkey Grass Miracle Grow


Brilliance Autumn Fern Prune back last years ferns as new come on.
Holly - China Girl Prune to shape in early Spring.
Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose Prune 1/3 off in late Winter.

Garden Decor

Hose Bibbs Activate irrigation system.
Birds Bring in Garden Art
Birds Bring Out Garden Art


Upper Greenhouse Filled with plants, clean cob webs out, wash down outside panels. [Pre GreenHouse Tour]
Potting Shed Major cleaning; vacuum floor boards, mop floor, wash windows,[inside & out] wash sky light, clean counter tops. [pre Greenhouse Tour]
Bubbler Clean Filter as needed.