Maintenance Checklist for April


Azalea Encore Autumn Chiffon Deer Out
Canadian Hemlock Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is a tiny (1/32”) sap-sucking insect (relative of the aphid) that has recently become a serious threat to the survival of native hemlocks in the wild in the eastern United States. Bayers Tree & Shrub with Merit every 3 years to control HWA.
Dwarf Mondo Grass Re-locatre plants that have moved outside of area to other areas.
Japanese Sacred Lily Funicide for leave spotting.
Lantana New Gold Buy Plants, Stanley's GreenHouse
Pachysandra Cut back plants that have gone beyond area. Re-plant else where or give-a-way.
Pansies Yellow Take up when impatiens are really to go out
Spider Plant Bring out after last cold spell.
Weeping White Pine Stake up to the point where you want it to weep over.
Yellow Mammouth Crocus Remove dead leaves after die back
Zinnia Magellan Cherry Pot up to 36 cell tray in early April. Change to tray with holes.


Albomarginata Hosta Miracle Grow
American Spikenard Miracle Grow
Amethyst Coral Berry Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Aphrodite Sweetshrub Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Astilbe Mont Blanc Miracle Grow
At Last Rosa RoseTone
Aucuba Japanese Laurel Miracle Grow
Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Bee Balm Miracle Grow
Berry Marmalade Coral Bell Miracle Grow
Bishop's Hat Miracle Grow
Black Scallop Bugleweed Miracle Grow
Bleeding Heart Gold Heart Miracle Grow
Blue Billow Hydrangea Miracle Grow
Bottlebrush Buckeye - White Miracle Grow
Cardinal Flower Miracle Grow-Bloominng
Chastetree Miracle Grow
Chinese Stewartia Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Cityline Paris Hydrangea Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Daffodil Ice Follies Bone Meal after blooming
Double Take Scarlet Storm Quince Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Dre's Dagger Fern miracle Grow
Dwarf Crested Iris Eco Bluebird Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Forget-Me-Not Miracle Grow
Fringe Tree Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Garden Phlox Miracle Grow
Geranium White Fert with slow rellease fertilizer, Osmocote.
Great Smokies Foamy Bells Miracle Grow
Green and Gold Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Henry's Garnet Sweetspire Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Japanese Sacred Lily Fert?
Jeepers Creepers Foam Flower Miracle Grow
Lemon Tree CitrusTone
Lilac Tree Miracle Gtow
Little Goblin Orange Winterberry Holly Miracle Grow
Lizard's Tail Miracle Grow
Meehan's Mint Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Moonlight Climbing Japanese Hydrangea Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Moonshadow Wintercreeper HollyTone
Nandina Compact Miracle Grow
Osmanthus Variegated Tea Olive HollyTone
Pagoda Dogwood Miracle Grow
Popcorn Viburnum Miracle Grow
Pugster Blue Dwarf Butterfly Bush Miracle Grow
Pugster White Dwarf Butterfly Bush Miracle Grow
Purple Conflower Miracle Grow
Raspberry Smoothie Althea Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Rebecca Ann Native Azalea HollyTone
Red Crape Myrtle Miracle Grow
Red Service Berry Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Silver Anniversary Abelia Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Silver Heart Brunnera Miracle Grow
Sixteen Candles Summersweet Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Slender Deutzia Miracle Grow
Smoke Tree Miracle Grow
Spiderworts Miracle Grow
Thyme Leaf Cotoneaster Miracle Grow
Umbrella Plant Miracle Gtow
Upside Down Fern Miracle Grow
Weeping River Birch General Fert
Weigela Sonic Bloom Red Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Welch's Pink Beautyberry Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
White Turtlehead Miracle Grow
Yellow Mammouth Crocus Bone Meal after blooming
York Elderberry Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Zinnia Magellan Cherry Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -mid April, Green Light


Cherokee Sedge Cut off the seed heads.
Florida Sunshine Prune off any dead branches.
Hay-scented Fern Prune seed heads off before seeding.
Let's Dance Rave Hydrangea If portions of the plant were damaged from winter weather, they can be removed in spring when it is clear where the new growth is emerging.

Garden Decor

Garden Art Place Garden Art Back Into Gardens
Bird Feeders & Houses Set Hummingbird Feeder Out
Outdoor Furniture Take covers off. Clean covers. Store.
Small Water Features. Turn on. Fill as needed.
Bird Roost Box Take Bird Roost Box in.
Birds Bring in Garden Art


Conifer Garden Sitting Area Pressure wash stone floor & small wall. [along with walkways]
Front Entrace Pressure wash stone wall. [along with driveway]
Grandma's Quilt Area Pressure wash stone floor & small wall. [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Entrance Sitting Area Pressure wash floor & small wall. [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Overview Area Pressure wash floor & small wall. [along with walkways]
Prayer Labyrinth Pressure wash all brick pavers [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Bubbler Sitting Area Pressure wash floor & small wall. [along with walkways]
Patio Area Pressure wash stone floor & small wall. And Trec wooded platform [along with walkways]
Think Rock Pressure wash Rock [along with Walkways]
Walkways & Trails & Paths Pressure wash Walkways & Trails
Wood Sculpture Pressure wash wooded sculpture [along with Walkways]
Bar & Grill Deck Pressure wash floor & side wall. [along with walkways]
Outdoor Potting Bench General clean-up before using for Spring/Summer
Recycle Soil Area Till up before using for Spring planting.
Water Features Thoroughly clean the total water feature/ponds