Maintenance Checklist for February


Accent Lavender Blue Impatiens Pot up to 36 cell tray in late February. Change to tray with holes.
Azalea Encore Autumn Chiffon Deer Out
Canna Mix Pot up in Lower GreenHouse
Coleus Wizard Golden GH sow seeds in early February, 72 cell tray, with dome. Remove dome as seedlings grow.
Geranium White Misting
Golden Mist Wood Fern Cut off dead fronds after die back.
Impatiens Super Elfin Red Pot up to 36 cell tray in late February. Change to tray with holes.
Monkey Grass Cut down [2"] before new growth starts. Early February better.
Peace Lily Plant Trim off flowers after blooming
Pink Double Knock Out Rose Cut back 1/3 in Spring
Scarlet Slavia GH plant seeds in early Mid-February; 72 cell tray.
Variegated Monkey Grass Cut to 1" form ground before new leaves start


Accent Lavender Blue Impatiens Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -late February, Green Light
Atlantic White Cedar HollyTone
Blue Pacific Shore Juniper HollyTone
Blue Shadow Kousa Dogwood HollyTone
Boxwood HollyTone
Burkwood Viburnum HollyTone
Canna Mix Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -February, Green Light
Cherry Laurel Schipka HollyTone
Chinese Holly - Female HollyTone
Colorado Spruce HollyTone
Dawn Redwood HollyTone
Dense Spreading Yew HollyTone
Divinely Blue Deodar Cedar HollyTone
Dwarf Japanese Cedar Lobbii Nana HollyTone
Fetter Bush HollyTone
Fire Light Hydrangea HollyTone
Florida Anise HollyTone
Geranium White Fert with slow release fertilizer, Osmocote.
Globose Dwarf Japanese Cedar HollyTone
Golden Elkhorn Cedar HollyTone
Heatherbun White Cedar HollyTone
Hollis Boardman Camellia HollyTone
Hussi Canadian Hemlock HollyTone
Impatiens Super Elfin Red Fert 1/3 strength in GH - late February, Green Light.
Japanese Umbrella Pine HollyTone
Keepsake Mountain Laurel HollyTone
Korean Plum Yew HollyTone
Longleaf Pine HollyTone
Morgan's Chinese Arboritae HollyTone
Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica HollyTone
Periwinkle HollyTone
Rhododendron Rabatz HollyTone
Siberian Cypress HollyTone
Silver Dust Leyland HollyTone
Silver Smoke Arizona Cypress HollyTone
Solar Glow Azalea HollyTone
Top Point Atlantic White Cedar HollyTone
Upright Japanese Plum Yew HollyTone
Vintage Jade Distylium HollyTone
Ware's Arborvitae HollyTone
Winter Gold PaperBush Fert


Crape Myrtle Cherokee Prune top off a few feet.
Lenten Rose Purple Prune back dead leafs as new come out; starting in early February.
My Girl Rose Prune down 1/4 to 1/3.
Silver Anniversary Abelia Blooms on new wood, so prune as needed (e.g., remove stems lost to winter and, if desired, thin to the ground up to 1/3 of old stems) in late winter to early spring.
Sixteen Candles Summersweet Prune a needed.
Snow Day Blizzard Pearl-bush Prune as needed.
Vaughn's Lillie Oak Leaf Hydrangea Dwarf, thus Minor pruning. Prune to desired height an inch above a node.
White Beautyberry Prune back. Remember: Flowers on NEW wood.


Small Greenhouse Check everything before plants are brought in.