Maintenance Checklist for November


Albomarginata Hosta Remove dead leaves after frost
Astilbe Mont Blanc Trim back after freeze
Basil Dig up after frost
Black Gum Clean Up Leaves
Garden Phlox Cut to ground after leaves die off
Geranium White POt up to grow soil, turn off misting, Keep in Lower GreenHouse.
Ghost Fern Cut off dead fronds after die back.
Golden Japanese Forest Grass If plant dies back after freeze; premove dead stems
Lantana New Gold Dig up after Frost
Lavender Crape Myrtle Prune back to 6 feet after freeze
Mockernut Hickory Clean Up Leaves
Pansies Yellow Plant in November for Winter color
Red Maple Clean Up Leaves
Salvia Scarlet Remove after frost
Scarlet Oak Clean Up Leaves
Tulip Poplar Clean Up Leaves


Pansies Yellow Miracle Grow


American Spikenard Can prune branches down to ground after frost.
Amethyst Coral Berry Blooms on NEW wood; thus prune down as needed after berries have been eaten.
Black-eyed Susan Prune down to base after frost.
Blue Billow Hydrangea Blooms on OLD wood. Prune off some in Fall.
Canna Mix Prune back after Freeze
Chinese Lanterns Prune back after freeze
Dwarf Fothergilla Prune as needed after freeze
Holly Nellie R Stevens Prune as necessary.
Hosta Twilight Remove dead leaves after frost
Issai Beautyberry Beautyberries bloom on NEW wood; thus can prune back after birds have eaten the berries.
Jaoanese Painted Fern Remove dead leaves after frost
Mountain Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Red Blooms on OLD & NEW Wood !! Minor pruning to have blooms in early summer.
New York Fern Cut dead Fronds after frost.
Northern Maidenhair Fern Remove dead leaves after frost
T Rex Sedum Prune down to ground after freeze.
Turtlehead Prune back to ground after die back
Viburnum Eskimo Prunevback as needed.
White Crape Myrtle Prune back to 6 feet after freeze
Yellow Twig Dogwood Cur out dead branches

Garden Decor

Outdoor Furniture Cover wooden (non-metal) furniture
Hose Bibbs Turn off, drain irrigation system.
Small Water Features. Turn off & drain and cover.
Bird Roost Box Put Bird Roost Box out.


Bubbler Clean out leaves