Maintenance Checklist for October


Black Gum Clean Up Leaves
Blue Water Iris Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Chameleon Pond Plant Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Daylily Lady Scarlet Cut to ground after leaves die off
Fire Light Hydrangea Dead head after blooming if looking bad.
Geranium White Misting
Gold Creeping Jenny Pond Plant Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Hosta Spring Morning Clean off dead after freeze
Mockernut Hickory Clean Up Leaves
Ostrich Fern Cut back after frost.
Pewter Lace Japanese Painted Fern Cut back after frost.
Purple Pickerelweed Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Red Maple Clean Up Leaves
Red Stem Lizard's Tail Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.
Scarlet Oak Clean Up Leaves
Spider Plant Bring in before first, over-winter in GreenHouse
Tulip Poplar Clean Up Leaves
Variegated Creeping Fig Bring in to GreenHouse to 'over winter'
Water Forget-Me-Not Remove from Pond and 'over winter' in Greenhouse.


Atlantic White Cedar HollyTone
Blue Shadow Kousa Dogwood HollyTone
Blue Shag Eastern White Pine HollyTone
Blue Star Juniper HollyTone
Boxwood HollyTone
Bridesmaid Mountain Laurel HollyTone
Burkwood Viburnum HollyTone
Camellia Moonlight Bay Hollytone
Centennial Girl Hollytone
Cherry Laurel Schipka HollyTone
Dawn Redwood HollyTone
Dense Spreading Yew HollyTone
Divinely Blue Deodar Cedar HollyTone
Dwarf Japanese Cedar Lobbii Nana HollyTone
Dwarf Norway Spruce HollyTone
Fetter Bush HollyTone
Filiformis Hollytone
Florida Anise HollyTone
Geranium White Fert. 1/3 strength in GH -late October, Green Light
Golden Elkhorn Cedar HollyTone
Heatherbun White Cedar HollyTone
Hussi Canadian Hemlock HollyTone
Limelight Hydrangea HollyTone
Memorial Day Azalea Hollytone
Morgan's Chinese Arboritae HollyTone
Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica HollyTone
Oregon Crested Hinoki False Cypress HollyTone
Peace Lily Plant Miracle Grow during summer
Rhododendron Rabatz HollyTone
Siberian Cypress HollyTone
Silver Dust Leyland HollyTone
Silver Smoke Arizona Cypress HollyTone
Upright Japanese Plum Yew HollyTone
Vilmoriniana Dwarf Japanese Cedar HollyTone
Vintage Jade Distylium HollyTone
Winter Gold PaperBush Fert


Bee Balm Prune back to ground after frost in Fall.
Cardinal Flower Prune down to its base after frost.
Cityline Paris Hydrangea Prune Back as needed after flowering.
Coral Beauty Cotoneaster Cut branches off road and boards.
Henry's Garnet Sweetspire Prune any dead branhes.
Hosta x Autumn Frost Remove dead leaves after frost
Needlepoint Holly Prune top to height of railing. Sides to even out.
Ruby Spice Summersweet DeadHead flowers
Weigela Sonic Bloom Red Prune Back as needed.
White Turtlehead Prune after frost

Garden Decor

Bird Feeders & Houses Bring Hummingbird Feeder In. Clean. Store
Birds Bring in Garden Art


Recycle Soil Area Cover with tarp after ALL containers are brought in
Water Features Cover water feature/pond with pond netting
Bubbler Clean out leaves