Maintenance Checklist for May


Accent Lavender Blue Impatiens Place in beds early May
American Holly Fungicide for leaf spot.
Azalea Coral Bells Azalea lace bugs
Blue Water Iris Plant into Pond.
Canna Mix Place in beds early May
Chameleon Pond Plant Plant into Pond.
Coleus Wizard Golden Place in beds early May
Geranium White Place in beds early May
Gold Creeping Jenny Pond Plant Plant into Pond.
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Plant into Pond.
Lizard's Tail Trim back each year in May., it SPREADS!
Pansies White Take up when impatiens are really to go out
Purple Pickerelweed Plant into Pond.
Salvia Scarlet Plant early May
Water Forget-Me-Not Plant into Pond.
Winter Star Camellia Stake up lower Branches
Zinnia Magellan Cherry Place in beds early May


Accent Lavender Blue Impatiens Miracle Grow during summer
Amethyst Coral Berry Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Aphrodite Sweetshrub Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Appalachian Blush Miracle Grow-Bloom Buster
Asparagus Fern Osmocote
At Last Rosa RoseTone
Atlantic White Cedar HollyTone
Aucuba Japanese Laurel Miracle Grow
Australian Sword Fern Fish oil Fert
Autumn Bride Coral Bells Miracle Grow
Bleeding Heart Gold Heart Miracle Grow
Blue Shag Eastern White Pine HollyTone
Blue Star Juniper HollyTone
Blue Water Iris Pond Plant Food
Boxwood HollyTone
Bridesmaid Mountain Laurel HollyTone
Burkwood Viburnum HollyTone
Camellia Moonlight Bay Hollytone
Canna Mix Miracle Grow during Summer
Centennial Girl Hollytone
Chameleon Pond Plant Pond Plant Food
Cherry Laurel Schipka HollyTone
Chinese Lanterns Miracle Grow
Chinese Stewartia Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Coleus Wizard Golden Miracle Grow
Coral Beauty Cotoneaster HollyTone
Crape Myrtle Cherokee Miracle Grow
Dahlia Happy Single Romeo Miracle Grow
Dawn Redwood HollyTone
Daylily Lady Scarlet Miracle Grow
Deer Fern Miracle Grow
Dense Spreading Yew HollyTone
Deodar Cedar HollyTone
Dwarf Butterfly Bush Miracle Grow
Dwarf Japanese Cedar Lobbii Nana HollyTone
Dwarf Norway Spruce HollyTone
Fetter Bush HollyTone
Filiformis Hollytone
Florida Anise HollyTone
Globose Dwarf Japanese Cedar HollyTone
Gold Creeping Jenny Pond Plant Pond Plant Food
Golden Elkhorn Cedar HollyTone
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Pond Plant Food
Heatherbun White Cedar HollyTone
Heucherella Onyx Miracle Grow
Hosta x Autumn Frost Miracle Grow
Hussi Canadian Hemlock HollyTone
Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple Miracle Grow
Issai Beautyberry Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Italian Large Leaf Basil Fish Oil Fert. in May
Let's Dance Rave Hydrangea Rose fertilizer
Memorial Day Azalea Hollytone
Mix Caladiums Miralce Grow - Bloom Buster
Moonlight Climbing Japanese Hydrangea Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Morgan's Chinese Arboritae HollyTone
Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica HollyTone
Purple Pickerelweed Pond Plant Food
Red Stem Lizard's Tail Pond Plant Food
Red Storm Border Lily Miracle Grow
Rhododendron Rabatz HollyTone
Rosemary Fert. with Fish Fert.
Ruby Spice Summersweet Miracle Grow
Scarlet Slavia Miracle Grow during summer
Siberian Cypress HollyTone
Silver Dust Leyland HollyTone
Silver Smoke Arizona Cypress HollyTone
Small-Leaf Wandering Jew Osmocote
Snowstorm Blue Miracle Grow
Spider Plant Miracle Grow during summer
Sunrise Border Forsythia miracle Grow
T Rex Sedum Miracle Grow
Top Point Atlantic White Cedar HollyTone
Upright Japanese Plum Yew HollyTone
Variegated Creeping Fig Miracle Grow
Vintage Jade Distylium HollyTone
Water Forget-Me-Not Pond Plant Food
Weigela Sonic Bloom Red Miracle Grow - Bloom Buster
Zinnia Magellan Cherry Miracle Grow during summer


Asparagus Fern Prune back as needed.
Memorial Day Azalea Prune back as needed after blooming
Mock Orange Prune Back as needed after flowering.
My Girl Rose Deadhead flowers down to 5 leaves, daliy.
Needlepoint Holly Prune top to height of railing. Sides to even out.
Small-Leaf Wandering Jew Prune back as needed.

Garden Decor

Birds Bring in Garden Art


Conifer Garden Sitting Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Front Entrace Wall -Treat with ‘Wet & Forget’
Grandma's Quilt Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Entrance Sitting Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Overview Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Prayer Labyrinth Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Labyrinth Bubbler Sitting Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Patio Area Treat Stone with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Walkways & Trails & Paths Treat with ‘Wet & Forget’ ALL Walkways, Trails, & Paths
Wood Sculpture Treat with ‘Wet & Forget’ [along with walkways]
Garden Shed Check pond supplies [algaecide & pond fertilizer]
Outdoor Potting Bench Keep clean